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    Concept Map Examples
    Example 1
    This chart represents a flow of products through the UK textile industry from the intake of raw materials to the point at which products leave the textile and clothing industries.
    Textile Industry Chart
    Example 2
    This example is a telecommunications traffic flow map for the European region. The map shows countries with traffic flows between them represented as smoothly curving red lines. The thickness of the lines is proportional to the annual volume of traffic between those two countries, measured in millions of minutes of voice telecommunication. Circular symbols, located on the capital city, encode the country's total annual outgoing traffic to all other countries.
    Global Traffic Map
    Example 3
    This example is a detailed model of the circuitry in the neocortex, the largest and most complex part of the human brain. This model shows a fraction of the cells and connections within the neocortex's microcircuitry.
    Blue Brain Project

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    Project 1 Final - The Cellphone User
    The idea behind this concept map was to show the interactions that a person has with a cellphone. At first I also wanted to include how the cellphone was made and recycled and so on but that took away from the whole idea of a medium. So I stuck with the interactions a person can have with their cellphone to show the cellphone as a medium. It was difficult trying to make the concept map organized and I went through many attempts and tried to have as little lines as possible touching and came up with the final concept map seen below.
    Here are links to the full jpeg and the pdf version:

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    Project 2
    Mobile: Cellphone Extension
    The objective for this website was to create something that would be useful to the primary persona, the avid cellphone user. It started out has a site that would help the cellphone user figure out what phone to buy and what applications could be useful to them. This, however, turned out to be very limited in the way that the user could interact with the sight. This gave way to a much more interactive idea, a site for cellphone users to keep track of contacts, to keep track of important dates and appointments, and to give them the ability to post photos and keep track of contacts actions on the site. This was the basis for the creation of the site layout and site map. The layout went through many experiments to make for a clear navigation system as well as a functional, simple site without clutter. Although the site in its final form is not actually functional it gives a good idea of what the site would be like if it were to go online. The site was simply named mobile.
    login page
    home page
    contacts page
    calendar page
    uploads page
    account page

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    Project 3
    Mobile Phone Subscriber Data
    This interactive infographic sets out to provide the user with an easy to understand and quick overview of the data concerning
    percentage of mobile phone subscribers as well as some other information related to the mobile phone user. By using colour
    coding and by splitting the information into country and continent the viewer can easily view the information. The mobile phone
    subscriber data says a lot about the standard of living in a country and also the technological culture of a country. The data
    projected onto the visual map makes for an effective way of viewing the information.
    This is the final flash presentation:

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