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> Download the blueprint css cheat sheet! This pdf. will help you understand what blueprint is talking about.


> This web page offers various html codes showing how to do different types of actions (make links, text, lines, layout, tables, images etc.). This will be useful to reference for help when working in CSS and Dreamweaver.
> This web site provides various html and css codes, colour codes and guides.
> Install firebug to help you see what other web designers are doing in their HTML and CSS documents.


> Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen, especially how it might appear cross-platform.


When using kirupa, in some cases you may have to use ActionScript 2.0 and not 3.0. Certain options outlined in the instructions ie. menu with slider, don't work well in 3.0

Javascript (if allowed...)



These include most of the programs that we use for design amongst many others.

Featured Design Work

> Interesting interactive website with great design work.
> Same goes for this link.
> Interesting advertising. print/web/interactive/commericals.
> Typography blog
> Weekly showcase of good web design
> A showcase of some very inspirational web design
> Very interesting flash webwork! Check it out.

Stock Photography Sites

Colour selection tips:


  • Visual Quickstart Guide: HTML, XHTML & CSS by Elizabeth Castro
For anyone who took FACS 1939 Interactive New Media Art, or knows anyone who took it, this is the book that we had to purchase. I've found it really helpful in all aspects of this project and it's very well written and easy to understand. Might be worth tracking down if you're having trouble.