Media Index II

Like the first media index, this is for project two where you will create your title of your project for project 2. Make sure to create a new page for project so you can include your bibliography and process work. Also, provide a link to this page from your own activity log.

Project Names

Appearance and dress

Clothing as a form of protest


Advertising - the industry
Facebook: connects people together
Finding Yourself Interactive
Gesture: Miscommunication and hand gestures
Music: A Collective Community
Signage - The Technology behind signage
Sound Thoughts
Understanding The Microphone
Upbeat Trends in today's digital video media
Urban Exchange



Design, digital media and fine arts

Photographic Applications
Radio: The History of the Radio
Theatre Scriptwriting

Interactive media

Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Neverending Story
Second Life Economy
Video Games: Interactivity and Genre

Hobby and leisure

Undercover Trades
Vending Machine: Please Insert Ideas


Computing: Utopian Promises

Print media

Carbon and the Paper Industry
Comics and Gender


Media and the Perceptions of Violence, Gender & Race
Mobile: Cellphone Extension
Telephone - An in depth look at phone numbers
Television Advertisements Strategy
Telephone: The Mind and the Phone
The Gulf War & The Media
Video as Surveillance