Frequently Asked Questions

About the Wiki
Here's a link to the 'help' section for wikispaces. Perhaps this will save a bit more time than posting a question and waiting for an answer.

  1. Is there any way to make the text smaller using the wiki's text markup?
    You can use the headers to make text more or less prominent although this will effect more than size ...actually wikispaces just added a few more heading sizes
  2. Is there a way to make thumbnail pictures link up to a new page with full size image?
    Answer 1: I am not sure if you can directly link the thumbnail, but if you click on the 'insert >images and files' button in the editing tool bar, it gives you the option to insert the file directly onto the page, or just a link to the file. Just create a link to your picture, and it will open in a new window.
    Answer2: if you go into its Text Editor option its coding is like a bastardized version of HTML, you can insert width="" and height="" (for thumbnails) tags as well as a href=" tags. Can't seem to >make it open in a new window though.
  3. Can we delete or rename a page?
    Answer: No, we cannot delete or rename a page. We are only members but the organizers of this space can. If the organizer wants to delete or rename a page they have to go to manage spaces>list pages> click on either delete or rename.

About Project 1: Concept Map
  1. What do we hand in?
    Answer: A digital file of your concept map uploaded to David's dropbox in digital locker. Process work in the forms of digital scans, and images, and references (with links if possible) uploaded to this your section of the Media Index.
  2. Do we have to hand in a printed copy of our concept map?
    Answer : No, you do not have to print a copy, but you may choose to do so if you wish.
  3. Are you completely sure these answers are correct?
    Answer : No, but this is what I remember from last class.If you have any questions, please e-mail the professor to double check.
  4. How do you upload a pdf. for the final?
    Answer: Select the page where you want the file to be accessed (e.g. your media page, or your activity log page). On the visual editor, find this icon external image uploadfile.jpg (the one with the tree in it) and it should open up a new mini-window. Browse for your pdf file, then hit upload. When the upload is complete, it should show up as a highlighted box among the other files on that same mini-window. Now, it should give you 2 options when double clicking the file: insert the file, or insert the link of the file. For pdf's, I think it will only give you a pdf icon when you insert file (which really isn't all that different from inserting it as a link).

About Project 2: Grids, Content and Conversations
  1. How do we hand in our website? (what folders and files do we need to drop into drop box?)
    Answer: Include your root folder and make sure there is an html file at the top level called index.html.
  2. Does anyone know how to make an image on your page stationary while the rest of the page scrolls up and down, using CSS?
Answer: Apply this property: "background-attachment: fixed"

About Project 3: Flash Infographic
  1. Not exactly a technical question, but should we be making modifications based on our mark critique sheet from project 2 or would that be a waste of time since that was already marked (minus the technical portion)?
    I think its never a waste of time to improve work as part of the iterative design process ...that said, this portion of the project has been graded and there is a limitation on time given the student schedule. So its your call....stick with what you have or improve and have some better work in the end.
  2. Are we getting an extension?
    Yes! The project is now due on April 3 for section P. Check with Pat if you are in Section M or N - dgelb dgelb