Advertising - Expenditures vs. Ad Complaints

Advertising: Expenditures vs. Ad Complaints in Canada (Per Annum)

Visual Research:

I began this project with having a certain look to the infograph in mind. However, having the ability to create
visually in Flash what I had thought up, was a bit of a challenge. While the end result isn't exactly how I wanted
it to turn out, I am amazed at how much I've learned about Flash - and given more time I'm sure I could create
something that not only works but also looks half decent.

One of my main inspirations for this piece, was the Casualties of War infograph created for the New York Times.
My second bit of inspiration came from the Alchemy of Fruit Juices infograph.
Another website that I researched: International Networks Archive

Data Research:

Finding information on this subject was more difficult than expected. Many companies that compile this type
of information usually charge a fee in order to access their databases. Fortunately, with a little help I was able
to find some accurate data. Unfortunately, there were years when statistical information was not compiled,
which left a few holes in areas where I felt the information could really benefit the project.

My main research came from websites such as: Advertising Standards Canada, Statistics Canada and AC Nielsen.

Advertising Standards Canada puts out an annual report which shows the number of complaints reported in
Canada, sorted by media. This information I found to be extremely helpful and easy to access.

Statistics Canada was able to give annual advertising expenditures for only certain years, and I found the years
they chose to report information were very random. I found this site to be somewhat disorganized (at least within
the subjects I was researching) and not very reliable as it took me to quite a few dead ends.

AC Nielsen also offers data for annual advertising expenditures, however the information does not go further back
than 5 years. I asked a friend to access the information for me, as you must be registered and pay a fee in order to
log in to the site. I now owe my friend a beer.

Once I finished gathering information I created a chart organizing the info by year and medium.

The final infograph shows the difference in media spending vs. advertising complaints.
Below are screenshots of the final work.


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